Our Story

We met at a mothers group run by the local council when our first children were only 8 weeks old. We had a lovely group of mums and the 2 of us hit it off straight away. By the time our second children were born (both having girls this time) we had been friends for 2 years and spent a lot of time together. One day we were chatting at a play centre and little Lulu was wearing a cute headband. We started chatting about the headband and how we could make a business together making headbands. Our idea was born.


Coming up with the name was easy, we named it after our two girls Luella (Lulu) and Amelia (Milly), after all they were the inspiration. We started with a small amount of fabric and a Facebook page and it took off. We created a website 6 months later and introduced Leggings too. Together we sourced fabrics with different prints and spent much of our spare time when our little ones were napping sewing up as much as we could.  Two years and many prints later we were able to start sourcing our fabrics in Australia and now it was our turn to design our fabrics.  It was the most exciting time as not only was our collection designed by ourselves but it was now all made in Australia. 


We had brought on board a seamstress to help us out so now 3 of us were exclusively making our clothing.   SIx months after that we found ourselves an amazing artist, Dimity, and had her paint our ideas to turn into fabric. Having an artist like Dimity on our team really created something new as we designed some amazing watercolour prints. We also started making our clothing up to size 3 around this time as the demand for bigger clothing increased. It was also around this time our small handmade business became a Company.


Lulu and Milly has now been around for almost 4 years now and has grown so much. We are now having our products manufactured right here in Australia by a brilliant family business and our product range has grown to include Beanies, Bows, Tees and more exciting things coming. We are super proud of our 100% made in Australia business using stunning organic fabrics knitted and printed in Australia too. We have so many ideas for the future and we can't wait to share it with you. Luella (Lulu) and Amelia (Milly) are the best of friends still and love getting together to play and so do the two of us. Attending mothers group was the best thing we ever did and we all still catch up regularly.


Thanks for reading our story 

Amanda and Jasmine  

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email: Landm@luluandmilly.com.au

Postal: PO Box 1278 Epping Vic 3076