Where the Wild Things Grow Part 2

On the success of our drop 1 for Where the WIld Things Grow collection we introduce you to our drop 2 featuring 2 brand new prints that we know you will love. 

Willow headbands and leggings

Our first print we have called Willow, a beautiful floral print of browns and pinks. We were insipred by the book Wind in the Willows for this print, a story set in nature amongst the woodlands. We love the whimsical nature of this book as it invokes a sense of childhood. 

The author of the Wind in the Willows wrote himself this book is for those 'who keep the spirit of youth alive in them; of life, sunshine, running water, woodlands, dusty roads and winter firesides.'  This rings true to us about not only this print but for Lulu and Milly too.

Adelines beanie and leggings

Our second print is our Adeline print featuring lovely bunches of sweet blue, brown and pink. This is another print inspired by a fairy tale, 12 Dancing Princesses. We love our fairy tales and this one from our childhood stood out to us. It is a story about 12 sisters who sneak out every night to go dancing until their shoe wear out. 

Many of us have our own little princesses that love to dance until their shoes wear out and our products are designed so that they can be worn comfortably to dance the night (or day) away. The name Adeline is inspired the name of one of the princesses. 

There are so many other books that caught our attention as children and ones that we are introducing to our own. These are some of the ones that have inspired us for our Where the Wild Things grow collection.   We hope you have loved the story behind this collection and it has inspired you to revisit the books that you enjoyed as a child.

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