Where the Wild Things Grow

Books have always been very important to us and memories of growing up reading some of the classics have always given us inspiration. Our favourite books have been read over and over again and we are now starting to share those stories with our children.

When we created our newest collection for our AW19 season, books were never far from our minds and we wanted to create something that held special meaning of the books we have always loved.

Some of the great classics have the most perfect imagery and lend themselves to create the scene of where these books were set and what the time was like. Our three prints for drop one have come from stories we read and have come to love.


Baby in Avonlea baby wrap

We named this design after the fictional town from Anne of Green Gables, Avonlea.  A small quiet town where a young orphan girl gets sent to live in Green Gables. The imagery of a beautiful country cottage set amongst a flourishing garden led us to this print and the name was very fitting. Anne of Green Gables has a very special place in our hearts and reminds Jasmine of friendship.

One of my friends had red hair just like Anne, so she was Anne and I was always Diana. Just like these best friends in the book we would always call each other kindred spirits and loved pretending we were part of that olden day world – Jasmine


Prairie baby leggings organic

Little House on the Prairie was the inspiration behind our second print.  We could picture the farm where Laura and her family grew up on with fields of wild flowers and the vastness of the countryside.  We have been introducing these stories to our girls, reading them a little each night at bedtime.

 All around them was nothing but grassy prairie spreading to the edge of the sky – Little House on the Prairie


Briar Rose

little girl in Briar Rose baby leggings and headband

Many will know the story of Sleeping Beauty and in the original Brothers Grimm stories her name is Briar Rose. Briar Rose was described as a beautiful girl with golden hair and rosy cheeks. We felt a connection to this description and our third print was aptly named Briar Rose. Amanda recalls reading this book as a child and was delighted when Milly was given her own book of Fairy Tales when she was born that they would share together.

                Fairy Tales have stood the test of time. Im enjoying revisiting these stories with my own daughter as she explores the world of princesses and the stories they come from - Amanda  

 We hope you have enjoyed the journey of our collection and the imagery of these prints. We feel a connection of these prints to our own love of all things classic and vintage and we hope you will love them just as much as we do.

Signature of Jasmine and Amanda

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