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It's no secret that we love floral here at Lulu and Milly. We love the colours we can put together, the different styles of art, the vintage feel we get from it. We have also been lovers of watercolours and artist designs. We love the individuality we get from an artist designed piece and how colours and designs come together.

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When the opportunity came up to collaborate with amazing artist Bek Halliday and turn one of her pieces that she designed as a gorgeous wallpaper for Minnie and Me Interiors into a collection, we jumped at the chance.

We had discovered Minnie and Me Interiors a long time ago when we, by chance, had fallen in love with the same design and had both featured it in our clothing and her wallpaper. We featured this wallpaper in some of our posts and we know you all loved it too. Fast forward and Kristy from Minnie and Me contacted us to discuss doing a collab featuring a design created by Bek Halliday. We had discussed a few designs we loved that we were going to feature and then she contacted us about a new release they had planned. Something about this one captured our hearts and we were keen to jump on board.

floral wallpaper       Winter bouquet leggings

Working together seemed like a great fit, we all had a love for florals and we all love seeing these designs come to life. 

The design is Tutti Frutti. It is a gorgeous palette of soft watercolour yellows, peaches and pinks. We asked Bek Halliday what her inspiration was for the design and why she wanted to see it turned into a clothing range. She had this to say,   

"The design came from my love of peachy, pastel tones and flowers, with the current trend around Mediterranean design. That's where the idea of adding in lemons and citrus fruit came into play. I have always envisioned what my designs would look like on a clothing range, and to see it come to life, was something really special".

 Bek Halliday against Tutti frutti wallpaper

Kristy from Minnie and Me Interiors has always been a fan of florals and her business came about when she couldn't find what she wanted for her daughters room and so then created Minnie and Me.

''My love of floral wallpaper began with my very first room design 5 years ago. There is nothing more pretty and feminine than beautiful flowers in my opinion, they provide the perfect back drop in a nursery or child’s room. Quite simply, they make me smile. For boys or gender neutral spaces, I like to use soft leaves or foliage instead"'

 When we were planning our collection with the Tutti Frutti print we knew we wanted to do some special pieces that were new for us and this collection. Bek had asked us if we could do cot sheets and we knew right away this was something that we could work on doing. Over the years we had been asked a number of times if we made bedding and finally we could. 

Cot sheet with baby

We also wanted to create some bike shorts. We had both found it difficult to find shorts for our girls to wear underneath skirts, dresses  or tees that were cute and feminine. In addition to these new pieces we also had our Leggings, Headbands, Bloomers, Bodysuits and Puff Sleeve Top. Stayed tuned because we have some more pieces in this gorgeous print coming soon!

Baby in Tutti Frutti            Little girl in Tutti Frutti

We love this collection and are so thrilled to be able to have created in with some amazing people that we really love working with. You can follow these amazing businesses on Instagram.

Bek Halliday -  https://www.instagram.com/bekhalliday/

Minnie and Me Interiors - https://www.instagram.com/minnieandmeinteriors/

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