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Make Another Mother's Day

Make Another Mother's Day

Every year on Mother's day i find myself thinking about my journey as a mum and also about my own mum's journey on raising me and my three sisters. Its a journey I look back on with so many good memories and think about the path that is yet to come. 

This year will be extra special as I celebrate mother's day with my son who will celebrate his 7th birthday on the same day. He has been telling me all year that he is happy that he will have his birthday on the same day and how much fun we will have together.

Mum and son picture

The day he came into the world was also the day I became a mum and my life completely changed. When you become a mum you face challenges you have never faced before and you are constantly learning about this new little human you have brought into the world. I was very lucky to have a wonderful family and an amazing mother's group to help navigate this new life. 

This year for Mother's day we wanted to do something for other mum's who are facing the challenges of family life and are doing it a little tougher than some. We have always love the initiative created by St Kilda Mums and wanted to help.  St Kilda Mums is an amazing charity who provides families in need with baby goods such as nursery items, clothes and toys. 

Together we decided to release a limited edition headband in the lead up to mother's day and donate all the proceeds from this headband direct to St Kilda Mums. We will also be donating $2 from every other headband sold during the period of 1-13 May. 

It can be hard work being a mum sometimes and we are our own worst critic. We want all mums to know what an amazing job they are doing raising their babies so we have created an idea that we would love to see echoed throughout social media and hopefully in real life too. 

We would love you to join us and help us Make Another Mother's Day. The idea is simple, using #makeanothermothersday lets show kindness and love to another mother this Mother's day. A post of encouragement, or support or just to say im thinking of you, you got this mumma! Let's show each other support and strength to know that whilst the challenging days can feel like the worst days the good ones can feel like the best days of your life and we are all just doing our best.

Thankyou for your support!

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