Indoor Play ideas

When my kids were a lot smaller I would always be looking for things to do indoors during the cooler months. My little boy liked to be on the go and loved to have lots to do. 

As we all go through this irregular phase in the world I have started to think back to those times and some of the activities I came up with. I wanted to share them with you in the hope you will be able to use them during this time.

Invitation to play

One of the things I really loved doing was to create an invitation to play setup. Invitation to play is when you set out some items with the idea the children will come up with their own uses for them.

My favourite invitation to play was when I put out some play food and a kids table with our blackboard near the play kitchen. I placed everything in a small pile and waited to see what they would come up with. They played with it all day! First it was a cafe and they would have their toys as customers serving them food. Next it became a supermarket when one child would be the cashier and the other would come to buy the food. 

Other ideas we had was an animal park adventure, some plastic animals, some green tissue paper, toilet rolls, a small bowl of water and a tub. We created a small scene by making trees from the toilet rolls and tissue paper and the water for a water hole. 

The best way to set up an invitation to play is to look for items around your house that can be used in a variety of ways. For really little ones you might need to direct them a little but once they get going the ideas can be endless. I would often choose items that haven't been played with in a while and mix them with other items that wouldn't naturally expect.

Indoor activities

Sticky window pictures - Clear contact is fantastic to create pictures for little ones. stick the contact to a window with the sticky side facing out. You can then put out a variety of items for them to use to create their picture. Some ideas could be tissue paper, pom poms, leaves or flowers, ribbons. 

Indoor obstacle course  - I love creating obstacle courses and they can be made different every time. Use things you have around the home, pillows or cushions for jumping over, blankets or towels for crawling under, washing basket for throwing balls or other items into, pots and pans for banging. The ideas are endless. For older kids you can get them to set up their own version of it for the family to try.

Water pouring.- if you don't mind a little wet play inside we used to love this idea. I would always lay a towel on the ground to catch any drips and we would set up some water in pouring jugs or plastic cups, with various measuring cups and spoons. I would let the kids have fun with pouring and mixing. sometimes i would add some food colouring and show them how colours might look mixed together. 

We hope you like some of our ideas. We would love to hear what activities you and your kiddies loved the most.


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