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The Secret Garden

The Secret Garden

Introducing our newest collection for Autumn/Winter 2018 'The Secret Garden'

When we started thinking about our collections for this year we had a few ideas of what we liked and wanted to put together. The process for our collections is to come up with some inspiration of how we want the collection to look and then we sit down together and throw around our ideas. We love to get our inspiration from many things, images we have seen, colour palettes we like, paintings, decor items, basically anything we come across that feels right.

Its no secret that we love floral here at Lulu and Milly and we also love vintage styles so we really wanted to put together those 2 elements.

Wild roses leggings

We also had many ideas of new products we wanted to introduce this year. The first one being our Coco Headband. The Coco was released in January in our gorgeous Lacies roses print and will be available in the 2 floral prints as part of The Secret Garden collection. The second style of headband we created was the Ella headband. Whilst we love our big headbands on our little ones we had many requests for a thin style, which is what we came up with.

Ella headband on little girl sitting

Over the years we have had lots of mummas of boys asking when we will have a boys range. We decided this year that we wanted to have a unisex print as part of this collection. It was a fun task finding the perfect design. We wanted it to be something that all our mummas would love and stay true to the Lulu and Milly style. Our Dandelions print is such a beautiful print and we really think that all little boys and girls will look so gorgeous in.

Dandelions unisex leggings

 We introduced our beautiful baby wraps last year and were blown away with its popularity. We always knew we wanted to have many different designs in these wraps and added the 3 new prints as part of The Secret Garden collection. They look so divine on a sleepy baby and many of you have been using them long after your newborns have grown to big for a wrap.

We really hope you love this collection as much as we do. We love seeing your babies in our products so please feel free to send us any pics you have taken.

The Secret Garden Collection will be available for preorder Thursday 1st March 8pm. If you would like to be sent a reminder when it is released follow this link


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